The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

Posted on: 26 February 2020

The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program is an international initiative for individuals and institutions to explore the artistic and spiritual beauty of The Saint John’s Bible.

Described as “the American Book of Kells”, this seven-volume work is the first complete handwritten Bible commissioned by a Benedictine monastery since the invention of the printing press. This is a living document that has been critically acclaimed as both a work of art and a work of theology. To celebrate the involvement of Mary Immaculate College with The Saint John’s Bible a series of events are being organized by the Irish Institute for Pastoral Studies in March 2020.

  • Training For Ambassadors
  •  Open Evening, Keynote Address And Breakout Sessions
  • Day Of Immersion, Retreat And Recollection

These events will take place in various locations between March 10 & March 12 2020